The Year of No Fear

This blog picks up on a journey that has already begun, but is far from over.  It starts on the eve of travels to faraway lands as I catapult forward on a collision course with people, things, and experiences that will both make me the person I am to become, and validate the person I always have been.  More than just a travel diary, at its core, this blog documents a process of self-inquiry as I journey inward to the deepest recesses of a mind fighting a battle between emancipation and enslavement.

I jump into the world operating under the fundamental premise that we all come from the same universal fabric, that we are driven to seek connection and harmony with our surroundings despite our often strenuous attempts to deny this and achieve contrary results.

Why do we stray so far from our basic nature?  The answer is simple: fear.  Fear of vulnerability, rejection, of being ourselves, of being completely exposed to our naked cores.  Our fears are constant and overpowering.  And they are complex and deceptive, masking themselves in a quasi-reality that we take for granted as The Way Things Are.  We burden our lives with self-imposed limitations and excuses.  We surround ourselves with people who validate these prisons constructed by our creative minds.  We make the “safe” decision.  We believe we are incapable of change.

But the tides have turned.  I raise up to fight the opposing forces that come from within; to question all that I think I know about myself and the world around me; to strip everything, including myself, to its divine essence; to deconstruct all the socialization and conditioning until there is nothing left but truth, beauty, and love.  This is my year of no fear.