From Coachella to Kathmandu

coachella butterfly

I decided to start my travels at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Coachella), located on 600 acres of beautifully manicured polo fields outside Palm Springs, California. I joined a group of guys who have attended the festival every year for the past six years; this was my fourth. The festival has become an annual pilgrimage of sorts for our crew, some of whom travel cross-country for the three-day experience. Despite the regularity of our visits, no two years are ever alike, as each of us descends on Coachella Valley a year older, never at the same place in life, viewing everything from a slightly different perspective, seeking answers to questions that arise from an accumulation of everything that has happened until this point in time.

From a philosophical perspective, I did not know why I was coming to the festival this year, only that it was an absolutely necessary first installment of the next chapter. I knew that the answers would come. They always do.

For much of my life, I have learned methodologies relating to, and have profited from, communicating in words. But as soon as I stepped into the middle of the sea of people gliding around the festival grounds, I realized how superficial (if not occasionally necessary) this whole exercise was. All 100,000 of us were here because we felt something deeper tying all of us together. We had escaped from wherever we came, shed our labels and identities, and liberated our minds and bodies to join a massive orgy of energy exchange. Forget all the words that we can never seem to say; the awkward utterances; the banal statements. At Coachella, under the spell of tribal beats and cosmic lasers, we were connecting with a mass of beautiful people on a transcendent wavelength through transmissions of pure, unadulterated energy. Words no longer became necessary. I could feel you.

In just three days I learned how to see and engage the world differently. I start with the premise that everything we do–in its most simple, reduced form–is a manifestation of our energy. Words still exist, but my priorities now lie with speaking in energy, and understanding the energy of others, because at an instinctive level that our science has yet to explain, we communicate in our clearest and most honest form through this medium.

The Do Lab bursting with energy
The Do Lab bursting with energy

Next stop: Munich for a few days en route to Kathmandu.