(Images of) My Northeast

What happens here reverberates everywhere, but in many ways the District of Columbia operates as a self-contained society with its own set of rules.  The capital city of the most powerful country on the planet hums with relentless intensity, fueled by a population of perennial overachievers who were drawn from all over the globe by the steadfast belief they could rise to such great heights, and then did so.  Once an abstract idea—little more than faded childhood memories and a background to newscasts—Washington D.C. became home after graduate school when a multinational law firm hired me to work in its white collar crime and government investigations practice group.  I returned to the Northeast for a couple months during a vibrant fall, revisiting the faces and landmarks that inhabited my life for four years, all the while thinking about how I see the world because I saw this one.

I enjoy visiting the monuments at night, when they are illuminated by lights, and devoid of visitors.  The structures inspire a quiet reverence on every visit.
The D.C. metro, equal parts mesmerizing and unreliable.
My last apartment building in D.C., located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood.
18th Street in Admo
Bums and yuppies alike hang out at Logan Circle, one of my favorite chill spots in the District.
Navy Memorial. My office was located in the building on the left, at 801 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
One of the best things about D.C. is that all the Smithsonian museums are free, and you always walk away having learned something interesting.  Here, at the Renwick Gallery, the artist’s woven sculpture corresponds to a map of the energy released across the Pacific Ocean during the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  The event was so powerful that it shifted the earth on its axis and shortened the day by 1.8 millionths of a second.
I spent time with my sister and nephews in Westport, Connecticut.  Played a lot of H.O.R.S.E.; never lost a game.
Kayla gave me a glimpse of upstate New York.
Fort Edward, NY
I developed a renewed appreciation for NYC while traveling abroad.  There is no place quite like this anywhere in the world.


Pictured from left: Right Shark; Left Shark; Michael



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